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PredictX wird groß mit kredito

Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on February 10, 2012

Moin moin,

long time no news. Dafür wird es nun spannender denn je:

predictX wird demnächst groß aufgezogen. Mehr können wir leider dazu noch nicht sagen, sonst werden wir von den PR Mädels ausgeschimpft. Außerdem wird demnächst online gehen. Stay tuned.


Trading Strategies to win $250 in 11 days

Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on November 12, 2010

Strategies that help you kick some ass in the ranking and win $250 real money in 11 days

Smart Trader: Trade on active events where you think the event is more/ less likely to happen than current market prices imply. Medium Risk / Medium Return.

Against the market: If you trade against the market (e.g. trading that X will not occur at a 76% market price that X will occur). High Risk / Maximum Return.

Trendseeker / Late Trader: Find events that will expire shortly or are close to 0% or 100% and trade on that opinion also. Low Risk / Low Return.

Early Trader: Submit offers for pending events. In this stage you can make very good deals. Medium Risk / High Return.

Event Creator: Create multiple events that will attract high number of trades. Share and promote your events through social media.  Risk-free gains. Low Risk / High Return.

PredictX in the News…

Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on November 2, 2010

What’s been written about predictX


Why is this important to us?

There are 2 ways for underdog startups to create traction / traffic with empty marketing pockets:

(1) Viral – Everyone does it – no underlying magic there 😉

(2) PR – This requires you to either have a kick-ass idea that is recognized by blogs, nws agencies or startup scouts or you can afford a PR agency that helps you raising public attention. We were a bit suprised on how quickly the (German) startup media recognized predictX without fancy press releases, vitamin B or payments to questionable agencies.

WHU Idealab Impressions

Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on October 31, 2010

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Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on October 13, 2010

Hey everyone,

time has come: is now online 🙂

What you can do now:

– Sign up, login
– Create, trade, share events
– Show all trading activity in “my portfolio”
– Comment events / create forum discussion
– Provide feedback and receive $500 additional play-money
– Tell others about us

What will follow the next days:
– “Receive XXX” in the trading interface will be changed to show the real $ amount
– User ranking list
– Some improvements in “My portfolio”

Sign up now ( takes 30sec, is 100% free and will keep you informed on future events) and start trading.

PredictX goes Oktoberfest

Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on September 19, 2010

Work hard, play harder.

What we are

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