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Trading Strategies to win $250 in 11 days

Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on November 12, 2010

Strategies that help you kick some ass in the ranking and win $250 real money in 11 days

Smart Trader: Trade on active events where you think the event is more/ less likely to happen than current market prices imply. Medium Risk / Medium Return.

Against the market: If you trade against the market (e.g. trading that X will not occur at a 76% market price that X will occur). High Risk / Maximum Return.

Trendseeker / Late Trader: Find events that will expire shortly or are close to 0% or 100% and trade on that opinion also. Low Risk / Low Return.

Early Trader: Submit offers for pending events. In this stage you can make very good deals. Medium Risk / High Return.

Event Creator: Create multiple events that will attract high number of trades. Share and promote your events through social media.  Risk-free gains. Low Risk / High Return.


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