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PredictX goes Oktoberfest

Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on September 19, 2010

Work hard, play harder.


What we are

Posted in Uncategorized by predictX on September 16, 2010

Marching on the road to launch…

Posted in General Announcement by predictX on September 15, 2010

3 months of developing, coding, and spending nights in the lab (aka basement) have passed. And still predictX isn’t ready. So what the bloody hell have we been doing?

The first version simply wasn’t awesome enough to see the light of public launch. We wanted more. So we went back to scratch and re-thought all elements of prediction markets. Unfortunately we neither had the financial resources nor the expert knowledge ourselfes to implement all intended featured. We did our very best to get most of our visions implemented though.

We will spend another full week on de-bugging, implementation of the back-end and getting everything ready for launch. The upcoming Oktoberfest make this a fairly challenging task – we do our very best to stay sober until 4PM.

Launch is scheduled for the end of September. Stay tuned.